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Advice for the next president

What advice would you give to the next American president?

Save your emails? Avoid interviews with Access Hollywood?

A group of 16 academics, including MIT’s David Autor, offered their take on the issues the next president should confront in a compilation of essays, “Delivering Equitable Growth: Strategies for the Next Administration.”

The economics, public policy, and sociology professors tackle topics from trade and income inequality to the Federal Reserve and Social Security. The essays were published by the Washington Center for Equitable Growth. Although billed as policy recommendations for either presidential candidate, the center has strong Democratic party ties and its founder John Podesta, is Hillary Clinton’s campaign chief.


Still, Autor said he would give both Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump the same advice: trade benefits the US economy as a whole, but it can also displace workers and leave a severe and lasting economic impact on their communities that need to be addressed.

Autor said he supports trade deals, but thinks policy makers should include protections and stronger financial assistance programs for workers who may lose their jobs as a result.

Policy makers have sold trade deals as “all gain, and no pain, that’s now very clearly incorrect,” Autor said. “There are real costs.”