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We tried Amazon’s one-hour delivery service. Here’s what happened.

Amazon’s one-hour delivery starts today in Boston--we gave it a try. By Emily Zendt, Taylor de Lench, and Scott LaPierre
Amazon’s one-hour delivery starts today in Boston--we gave it a try. By Emily Zendt, Taylor de Lench, and Scott LaPierre

If same-day delivery wasn’t snappy enough, Amazon is now offering its one-hour delivery service in Boston.

The Seattle-based e-commerce giant announced Wednesday that its Prime Now service is now available in Boston. Prime Now allows customers of Amazon Prime to receive orders inside a one-hour or two-hour window. Delivery comes with an added charge of $7.99, while the two-hour delivery is free.

After much debate, Globe reporters decided to purchase all the strange things we were craving, like pretzels, ice cream, and gummy bears (don’t judge us on our snacking habits). Then we added a few slightly more obscure items, like a 35 pack of pool noodles, for those moments when an impromptu beach party breaks out and you need a flotation device.


Not everything on Amazon is available for one-hour delivery. But the random assortment that does make the cut is a fairly representative cross section of the site —- diapers and detergent, Nerf guns and Uno sets. And yes, a giant pack of pool noodles.

The order was placed at exactly 11 a.m. The driver left the South End warehouse within 10 minutes and arrived at the Globe’s Morrissey Boulevard headquarters just 34 minutes later (rush-hour traffic did make us wonder whether the one-hour window is as feasible throughout the day).

Using the Prime Now app, it was possible to track her movement and reach out to arrange a drop-off point. The driver, Inelida Fernandes, said she took the Amazon Prime Now gig because “she didn’t want to do boring office stuff,” and said that her delivery to the Globe was her first in Boston.

As she struggled to retrieve the pool supplies from the trunk of her SUV, we tested the ice cream — Cherry Garcia — and yes, it was still cold.

In 2015, Amazon introduced free same-day delivery for Prime members in parts of Boston. A year later, the company was criticized for offering the same-day service to the entire city, except for the majority-minority neighborhood of Roxbury. A few days after the controversy errupted, Amazon announced it would expand the service into Roxbury.


Prime Now debuted in parts of New York in 2014 and has since spread to other cities across the country. In Boston, users are required to place a minimum order of $20. Amazon also recommends a tip. It is available from 8 a.m. to midnight daily.

After midnight, you’re on your own when it comes to pool noodles.

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