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Here’s why all those Uber and Lyft drivers were deemed unfit to drive

AP Photo/Eric Risberg, File

More than 8,000 drivers for ride-hailing companies such as Uber and Lyft have been pulled off Massachusetts roads after failing a new state background check, for infractions that range from license suspensions to violent crimes and sexual offenses, according to records released Wednesday. (Read the full story.)

In total, the state found more than 10,500 infractions because some drivers had more than one violation. When it came to some more serious infractions, the state considered a driver’s entire history. For less serious violations, the state only took into account a smaller length of time.

License suspension – 1640


Driver not licensed long enough* - 1580

Open cases - 1250

Multiple serious driving offenses - 1058

Serious violent crimes - 958

Less serious violent crimes - 601

Inactive license - 562

Sex, abuse, and exploitation - 352

Multiple violations of traffic laws - 347

Felony fraud - 342

Felony convictions - 334

Open/unresolved driving infractions - 331

Reckless operation - 307

State discretion** - 276

OUI - 152

Felony robbery -149

Open warrants - 138

Habitual traffic offender - 78

Sex offender - 51

TOTAL - 10,506

*Drivers younger than 23 years were required to have had a license for at least three years to pass. Those over the age of 23 must have been licensed for one year.

**The state could reject drivers if they lied on their applications or if the state has some other reason to believe the driver shouldn’t be on the road.