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Food trucks that were temporarily closed for health violations

The Clover food truck.
The Clover food truck. Barry Chin/Globe Staff
Food trucks suspended in 2016 The following table shows food trucks that were shut down in Boston last year after health inspectors found critical violations that needed to be fixed before they could return to business.
Location Date Inspector wrote Restaurant response
Clover Food Lab 10/5/16 "There is no water on the truck. Provide hot and cold running water during all operational hours." Clover owner Ayr Muir: "To my recollection there was an equipment malfunction. We had to take the truck off the road to fix it."
Mediterranean Home Cooking 5/24/16 "Employees were unable to wash their hands during service." Co-Owner Esma Jakuj: "The water pump needed to be replaced. It stopped working as the inspector was using it."
Meng's Kitchen 6/3/16 "The truck is operating with the refrigeration not working and the handsinks not functioning." Did not respond to a request for comment.
Rice Burg 4/19/16 "No water on the truck. Provide that all water tank repairs are complete and that water tank is full before leaving commissary." Owner Jessica Shen: "It was leaking -- there wasn't enough water in the tank to pump into the faucet. We got it fixed the next day."
Saigon Alley 4/6/16 "Water pipes broken ... PIC [person in charge] must monitor all necessary repairs and complete them before returning the truck to service." Did not respond to request for comment
Savory Truck 4/5/16 "The only handwash sink on the truck isn't working" Did not respond to request for comment
Tenoch Mexican 4/28/16 "The handsink is completely blocked with equipment and the heater was turned off because they need to use two pannini grills during lunch. Make sure the handwash sink is working during all operating hours." Did not respond to request for comment
Tony's 9/13/16 "Provide hot running water at 110 degrees at handsink and 3bay sink" Did not respond to request for comment
Vanderbilt Food Trolly 7/8/16 "PIC must Provide an updated base of operations letter. PIC Must Provide documentation to Comply with the Office of Food Initiatives." Did not respond to request for comment