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You can have an Uber driver make a McDonald’s run

Some local McDonald’s restaurants are now accepting orders through UberEATS.Associated Press/File

Boston-area McDonald’s customers can now use the UberEATS app to order burgers, fries, shakes, and breakfast sandwiches from home.

The food-delivery app of Uber Technologies Inc. will charge a $4.99 delivery fee for each order — about the price of a Double Quarter Pounder.

“We’re aiming to have delivery times anywhere between five and 15 minutes,” Cathy Zhou of UberEATS said, adding that heavy traffic could add to that.

Since UberEATS was launched in 2014, the company has added hundreds of cities in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Using the app, customers can search for a restaurant and order a meal, and an Uber driver will be dispatched for pick-up and delivery.


Sixteen McDonald’s in Boston, Brighton, Cambridge, Chelsea, Everett, and Roxbury have been added. Zhou could not offer any information on how far drivers would travel to bring orders to customers.

The full McDonald’s menu will be available for delivery, with one exception: soft-serve cones.

In April, UberEATS debuted in Boston with over 150 restaurants and has been adding restaurants since.

McDonald’s delivery via UberEATS is currently offered in more than 20 US cities. The company said in-app tipping for UberEATS drivers will be available by the end of July.