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Boston-based ride service Circulation raises $10 million

Circulation, a Boston company that uses Uber to transport patients to non-emergency medical appointments, said Tuesday that it has raised $9.5 million to expand its service.

Thc company, which launched less than a year ago, said its investors include Boston-based Flare Capital Partners, The Providence Service Corporation, and Boston Children’s Hospital, which was one of the first medical centers to begin using the service.

Circulation is targeting some of the 3.6 million Americans who miss medical appointments every year because of transportation issues. The company is focusing on patients who don’t have cars, can’t use public transportation, and whose rides are covered by health plans such as Medicaid.


Many of those patients use vouchers covered by their health plan to take a taxi to their appointment. Medical providers will be able to arrange a ride for patients through Circulation because the system is designed to comply with health privacy laws.

The company now said it is now working in 1,000 health care facilities around the country.

“Our focus on improving critical access to healthcare services and better patient outcomes is stronger than ever,” Circulation chief executive Robin Heffernan said in a statement. “We’ve proven how Circulation can significantly increase patient satisfaction rates while simultaneously cutting ride costs by up to 70 percent — a clear benefit for our healthcare clients and their populations served.”

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