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Five types of bad bosses


Terrible bosses come in all shapes and sizes.
Here are five of them:

1. The “do as I say, not as I do” boss

This is the leader who takes Fridays off but doesn’t let employees do the same.


2. The “find fault with everything” boss

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This one is impossible to please. She looks for what’s wrong,
not for what’s right.

3. The “my way is the only way” boss

This manager is closed to suggestions, input, and creativity from others. The only good ideas are his own.

4. The “take all credit” boss


This is the type who basks in all the glory, never sharing it with those who contributed. But when things go wrong, he’s quick to point the finger at everyone else.

5. The “play favorites” boss.

This might be the worst boss of all: unfair with work assignments, praise, pay increases, and plum assignments.

Source: Bob Kelleher, Employee Engagement Group