Call it peak Massachusetts.

The rumors are true: Worcester-based Polar Seltzer and Boston’s Harpoon Brewery are teaming up to create a line of spiked seltzers, an alcoholic drink that is quickly becoming the darling of beach trips and barbecues.

Officials from Harpoon were dodgy about details of the release on Thursday, but confirmed it would be happening soon.

“We are still a couple of months away from launch,” a representative for Harpoon told the Globe. Officials from Polar did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The line appears to be called Arctic Summer, according to a photo sent to the Globe from Harpoon.


Our friends at Boston.com report that the drinks will come out in four iconic Polar flavors — raspberry line, black cherry, ruby red grapefruit, and pineapple pomelo — and will be available on May 27, in time for Memorial Day.

The drinks will come in six-packs and variety 12-packs, according to Brewbound, and will clock in at 5 percent ABV, with just 110 calories and one gram of sugar in each. The alcohol will be made at the Harpoon brewery in Boston, which will then be shipped to Worcester for Polar for the seltzer folks to add bubbles and flavor, according to Brewbound.

The spiked seltzer has officially been gaining ground from those in search of a lighter, healthier drink than beer or mixed drinks. TheStreet reported last summer that hard seltzer exploded from a $60 million industry in 2017 to a $500 million one in 2018.

“Spiked seltzer is continuing to deliver triple-digit growth,” the founder of Boston Beer — the Sam Adams parent company that also owns the popular brand Truly Spiked & Sparkling — said in an earnings call last year, according to TheStreet.


In addition to Truly, Arctic Summer might have some other big name brands to contend with, including White Claw, SpikedSeltzer, and Henry’s Hard.

Steve Annear of the Globe staff contributed to this report.