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Greg Shell on evening economic disparities

Bold Types: Greg Shell
Janelle Nanos sits down with leaders in the city’s business community to talk about their career paths, work and accomplishments. (Anush Elbakyan/Globe Staff)

In the latest edition of the Globe’s Bold Types video series, Greg Shell, managing director of Bain Capital Double Impact, talks with business reporter Janelle Nanos about how he measures success in mission-driven companies, his path to working in finance, and his hopes to even the economic disparities in Boston.

“I’ve always been bothered, frankly, by the disparities that exist in our society. And I think the reason why is that we, as a society, are believing the big lie, which is that there has to be an underclass in order to make society work,” Shell said. “My view of this has always been the case that human capital investments are always the best investments to make.”