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The union comes to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory in Vermont

The workers at the Waterbury factory — which is often open to the public for tours and includes a "graveyard" for decommissioned flavors — is the second group of employees of the ice cream brand to organize.

Starbucks cafes in Newton, Somerville unionize

After a stalled effort to organize last summer, baristas at cafes near Porter Square and Newton Corner finally announced their union.

Resident assistants at Emerson College launch a union

The undergraduate students hope organizing will help solidify the disciplinary policy for RAs, encourage more transparency from the college, and create a pay stipend.

WeWork may enter Chapter 11 bankruptcy as soon as next week

Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows a company to keep operating while it works out a plan to repay its debts.

podcast | say more with shirley leung

The future of work has arrived — and the CEO of Slack isn’t looking back

On the latest episode of “Say More with Shirley Leung," Lidiane Jones said she believes technological innovation will be essential to unlock collaboration between those working from home and those in the office.

Zoom made employees return to the office to feel your hybrid pain

Zoom enabled millions of people to do their jobs, take classes, and socialize remotely during the height of the pandemic. Now, it's requiring employees who live in a 50 mile radius of an office to return two days a week.

‘I can’t afford the cars I help make’: At Mansfield UAW strike, employees rail against pay disparities

A few dozen at the Stellantis parts distribution center are fighting a tiered compensation system.

More US firms offer student loan help to debt-burdened grads

The share of full-time job listings mentioning student debt repayment programs has more than doubled since 2019, according to an analysis by job site Handshake.