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Tell us: Have you had trouble getting your COVID-19 booster shot?

Some people looking to get the latest COVID-19 boosters are reporting a shortage of vaccines and canceled appointments, or troubles with insurance. What has your experience been like? Tell us in this survey.


Latest COVID vaccine rollout facing canceled appointments, pricey insurance bills

“If you’ve had a problem finding the vaccine, stick with it. More vaccine is on the way,” the CDC director said.

Immunocompromised Bostonians on navigating the pandemic post-public health emergency

As mask mandates, access to free testing, and case data wane, some of those most vulnerable to the virus bear a heightened responsibility to maintain their own safety. A recent spike in case numbers adds to the stress.

A Cape Cod clinic has begun offering medication abortions, and a faith-based group is pushing alternatives

For many on Cape Cod, the presence of the van signaled the start of a worrisome effort to undermine access to abortion services just months after a clinic, Health Imperatives, began offering medication abortions in Hyannis.

Leominster hospital maternity unit set to close Saturday

Lawsuit over closure is filed as Governor orders a review of the impact.

Database: What’s the vaccination exemption rate at your child’s school?

Look up your child’s school to see the percentage of kids there who have exemptions from at least one mandated vaccine.

In one of the state’s least immunized schools, a proposed ban on religious exemptions could expose hidden divisions

A bill to end religious vaccine exemptions is getting a mixed reception at the Berkshire Waldorf School, even from those who immunize their kids.

FDA advisory panel rejects drug-device combination to treat Type 2 diabetes

The vote essentially upheld the Food and Drug Administration’s earlier rulings, with some members calling for new clinical studies to address the safety and dosing concerns.