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GSK, Sanofi stocks surge as US judge dismisses Zantac cases

The ruling brought relief for GSK and Sanofi but the stocks didn’t fully recover from the Zantac-related tumble they took in August.

Vor Biopharma says first patient given its gene editing therapy for leukemia is in remission

The clinical trial of the therapy was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the firm faced difficulties finding volunteers willing to participate.


Here’s why CVS was sued over fundraising fraud at checkout

Point-of-sale donations in stores can be confusing. Here’s what consumers need to know.

Local startup Turtle Health aims to bring fertility care into the home

The linchpin of Turtle's operation is a transvaginal ultrasound that patients can administer themselves with the help of a sonographer trained to provide guidance over the phone.

Biotech cofounded by Dana-Farber scientists launches with $81m for new approach to drugs

The focus on boosting good proteins, rather than getting rid of bad ones, flips the traditional drug discovery model and opens up a swathe of potential drug targets long overlooked by the biotech industry.

Pfizer partners with tiny Cambridge startup to develop new COVID pills

Clear Creek and Pfizer will embark on a research collaboration to make new drugs that inhibit a protein that the coronavirus requires for replicating.


Expanding waiver of intellectual property protections could jeopardize US biotech dominance

US leaders, including Rhode Island’s congressional delegation, must stand up for the US biotech industry as the WTO considers expanding a waiver of intellectual property protections to include COVID diagnostics and therapeutics.

Hospitals are adding more beds, while overall seeing fewer patients

Medical centers and hospitals are as full as ever for several reasons, including staffing shortages at skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers that have resulted in patients remaining hospitalized for longer.