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Latest Headlines in Healthcare

The Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio.

Cleveland Clinic and Mount Sinai won’t administer Aduhelm to patients

The rejection by the major medical centers is the latest fallout from the FDA’s approval of Biogen's Alzheimer's disease drug on June 7, a decision that has also spurred congressional investigations.

Critics contend that $56,000 a year is far too much for Biogen’s treatment, which they say has questionable benefits and possible serious side effects.

‘This is unprecedented’: Several private insurers won’t cover Biogen’s Alzheimer’s drug

The majority of the roughly 6 million Americans with Alzheimer’s disease are over the age of 65 and would rely on Medicare as their primary insurer. Nonetheless, many Medicare recipients have secondary private insurance for other costs associated with Aduhelm.

Shoppers wait in line to be served at the pharmacy of a Walmart store in North Carolina in 2018.

Walmart offers low-priced insulin to counter Amazon’s drug push

The medicine will cost between 58 percent and 75 percent less than the current cash price of branded insulin products for uninsured patients, Walmart said.

Biogen headquarters in Cambridge, Mass.

Inside ‘Project Onyx’: How Biogen used an FDA back channel to win approval of its polarizing Alzheimer’s drug

Biogen Inc. resurrected its Alzheimer’s treatment after a secret meeting with a top government scientist, a pivotal moment in a back-channel campaign that started earlier and was far more extensive than previously known, according to former company employees and other people familiar with the effort.

An infusion of Aduhelm, Biogen's controversial recently approved drug for early Alzheimer's disease, at Butler Hospital, one of the clinical research sites.

Biogen says pricey new Alzheimer’s drug reflects treatment’s overall value. Critics vehemently disagree

Amid the fierce backlash over the $56,000 annual price tag for its controversial new Alzheimer’s drug, Biogen is emphasizing another rationale beyond the benefits of reducing the staggering toll of the illness: Other novel medicines using similar technology are much more expensive.

John Malone is a cable television executive, former CEO of Tele-Communications Inc., and chairman of Liberty Media, which owns the Atlanta Braves.

Colorado couple donates $25m to Maine Medical Center

The largest single donation to the hospital comes from John and Leslie Malone, who spend summers in Boothbay Harbor. Leslie Malone recently received cardiac care at the hospital.

Hospitals and doctors had raised concerns that the now-postponed UnitedHealthcare policy signaled a return to a contentious tactic used by health insurers to clamp down on care they argued should be delivered in a less costly setting.

Outcry forces UnitedHealthcare to delay plan to deny coverage for some ER visits

Just days after UnitedHealthcare announced that it would stop paying for emergency room hospital visits that it deemed nonurgent, the company faced mounting opposition and said Thursday it would delay the policy shift until the pandemic had ended.

Henry Magendantz, a patient in the Biogen aducanumab trial, after an infusion in Providence.

CEO of CVS says Biogen Alzheimer’s drug won’t break the bank right away

CVS, which operates one of the largest US health-insurance businesses, is evaluating the drug while it awaits word from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on how the government agency plans to pay for it.