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Evelo Biosciences sheds 48 employees after skin disease treatment fails

The Cambridge biotech company, founded by Flagship Pioneering, is developing microbiome therapies.

Tell us about your experience supporting maternal mental health

We want to shine a light on those who have served as a support system to mothers dealing with postpartum depression.

Prosecuting the unthinkable: Experts question handling of cases where mothers are accused of killing their children

A day after Lindsay Clancy was accused of strangling her three children in Duxbury, the Plymouth County DA filed homicide charges that could send her to life in prison, without the possibility of parole. But legal analysts and health experts said other options should be considered.

Campbell announces new abortion hotline for patients and providers seeking legal advice

The hotline, which went live 7 a.m. Monday, was created by Reproductive Equity Now Foundation in collaboration with the Attorney General’s Office, the Women’s Bar Foundation, the ACLU of Massachusetts, and five law firms that will offer pro bono services.

There’s a new cause for Boston’s ambulance delays: Hospital overcrowding

As recently as 2021, callers could expect an ambulance to arrive within about six minutes. But, median response times in Boston for life-threatening emergencies have now grown from just over seven minutes in January 2022 to 7.7 minutes in December, records show.

‘Nobody’s ever ready for that.’ First responders to Duxbury tragedy offered support, assistance.

Services are available for the first responders in Duxbury and neighboring police and fire departments who rushed to the tragic scene on Summer Street Tuesday, officials said.

Gene therapy can transform life for people with hemophilia. But some patients don’t want it.

Hemgenix is the first approved gene therapy in the US for hemophilia — and at $3.5 million per patient, it’s also the world’s most expensive drug.

It’s hard to be a new mom. For some, a lonely struggle can spiral into mental illness.

Dramatic hormonal shifts combined with life changes and lack of support can lead to postpartum depression, anxiety, OCD, and rarely psychosis.