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Boston could face budget woes as office building values dip, report says

The declining value of Boston’s office buildings could mean the city will face a revenue shortfall of between $1.2 billion and $1.5 billion over the next five years.

Four maps that show where, how — and by whom — Milton’s housing plan was defeated

Precinct-level results in Milton detail a town divided.

shirley leung

‘No winners here’: Milton residents voted down a plan for more housing. But the state isn’t our colonial overlord.

To her Milton neighbors who voted “No,” Globe columnist Shirley Leung asks that you please come up with a plan to comply. This isn't the Boston Tea Party.

In Milton, the vote will go on today. Here’s what to know about the pivotal housing referendum.

Regardless of which side residents choose on Wednesday, the vote will reverberate throughout Eastern Massachusetts.

‘It’s sad that makes me a villain’: Longtime Newton councilor got voted out after leading zoning rewrite

The state’s MBTA communities law can put local officials in a difficult spot, drafting zoning laws their communities oppose. Deborah Crossley learned that the hard way.

shirley leung

This Valentine’s Day, can neighbors end their fight over affordable housing in Dorchester?

Last month, the Epiphany School and some neighbors filed lawsuits in an attempt to derail a project that would bring a 72-unit apartment building to the neighborhood. Now, the school has had a change of heart.

In a unique New England twist, Nor’easter delays big Milton election, raising concerns among some residents

The Select Board unanimously voted to ask a judge to delay the townwide vote on a new land use plan to Wednesday over concerns that a coming storm may make it dangerous for voters to reach the polls.

shirley leung

In Milton, it’s downright ugly with neighbors against neighbors ahead of Tuesday’s vote on housing

After years of telling everyone to embrace more housing, this Globe columnist wrestles with welcoming development now that it’s in her backyard.