Legacy Marketing gives workers incentive to succeed

Legacy Marketing held a “morning rally" to motivate its team for the day ahead.
Legacy Marketing held a “morning rally" to motivate its team for the day ahead.(Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff)

Who wouldn’t feel appreciated with perks like free gas and Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards, tickets to sporting events, catered breakfasts, quarterly appreciation days, regional and national awards ceremonies, and retreats in sunny locales?

The incentives haven’t always been so free-flowing.

Olivia Vo, Legacy’s human resources manager, said for years the marketing and advertising firm recognized employees with annual awards for reaching sales goals and other achievements. But it recently started offering more regular perks after managers realized that the once-a-year recognition didn’t have a major impact on employee morale.

“Research shows that when you increase positive interactions, it makes people happier and feel more appreciated at work,” Vo said. “If we increase the number of times we recognize someone throughout the day, the week and the month, they’ll feel better about the company. Even a high-five matters.”


Now managers hold daily morning meetings with the staff. Employees are recognized for sales achievements as well as less data-driven accomplishments — dressing well, having a good attitude, and arriving on time.

“The work isn’t easy, so we want to recognize any achievement that they have,” Vo said. “We want them to come in and think this is good environment to learn, be challenged, and feel appreciated for what they do.”