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Top Places to Work

Acorio selected No. 1 small company in Mass.

Employees at this software consultancy check their egos, and their drama, at the door.

Acorio consultants Sean Duhaime (left) and Max Lim work near CEO Ellen Daley’s bicycle.Pat Greenhouse/Globe staff

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The software consulting company Acorio helps businesses navigate cloud computing. But the mission, says chief executive Ellen Daley, is more about people than technology, an attitude that extends to staff as well as clients. Daley believes in taking time to help steward employees’ careers so their jobs work for them as well as for the company.

THOUGHTS FROM THE TOP: “You can have a great company and give back to the community and make a little money. Those three are not mutually exclusive.”  –  Ellen Daley, chief executive


MAGIC MOMENT: Early on in his tenure, business process consultant Kaushik Nanavati was assigned to a project that had him working well over 40 hours a week. Then he got an unexpected call from his boss, who asked when he was going to take some time off. “It’s incredible,” Nanavati says. “Not just that they care, but that they act on it.”

OFFICE SPACE: On any given day, Acorio employees are sitting at desks in Boston, on the road visiting clients, or working from home offices in Texas and California. But workplace collaboration software puts them all in one space. The program displays the floor plan of a digital office, complete with desks and lounge areas. Employees can move their icons to a virtual room and launch a private video conference, or move themselves to the e-beach for a break and a chat. “No matter where people are, it’s like we come into the office together,” says Jen Miller, vice president of people.

COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS: Acorio encourages its employees to volunteer in the community through a new, internally developed app that allows them to share their charitable passions with coworkers by posting about their volunteer hours and causes.


DISTINGUISHING FEATURE: A willingness to put company above personal pride. “It’s the first place I’ve seen where people actually check their egos and all their drama at the door,” says customer service manager Tom Sweeney.

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