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Top Places to Work

Acorio rises to top of list of medium-size companies

After doubling its workforce, this Boston software consulting business jumps lists and takes the No. 1 spot in its new home.

Last year, when Boston cloud computing consultancy Acorio was named the top place to work among small companies, it had some big clients, a tight-knit culture, and 90 workers. This year, as it tops the list of medium companies, the clients are bigger and the workforce has doubled, but the cooperative, supportive environment remains.

Thoughts from the top: “Competition is so fierce — we have to keep setting the bar higher and higher,” says CEO Ellen Daley.

Magic moment: Shortly after starting as a business analyst, Charlayne Delgado attended her first all-hands meeting, a monthly companywide gathering at which leadership recognizes employee achievements, shares financial information, and discusses industry topics. Delgado was shocked — and inspired — to see the CEO and other managers being so transparent and collaborative with the staff. “It makes it feel like you’re completely involved,” she says. “I was like, ‘Wow, this is why I’m here.’ ”


Getting in the door: Brush up on your powers of persuasion. The final stage of Acorio’s rigorous interview process is a presentation before the hiring manager and company leadership. Candidates are given a brief scenario and asked to convince the audience of their perspective.

Striking a balance: No one at Acorio has to fake being sick to go to a child’s piano recital. Flexible work hours and unlimited time off make it easier for employees to integrate work and family, while a company culture that values openness means workers are upfront about their activities, even acknowledging when they are taking a midday call in an aisle at Home Depot.

In a word: Collaboration

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