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Annkissam ranks No. 1 on list of top small employers

At this Boston software company, the focus is on clients, and keeping workloads from overtaking the staff.

Caring for others is what drives employees at Boston’s Annkissam, which provides software to home health care providers, letting them focus more on clients and less on paperwork. This people-centered philosophy was consciously integrated into the company’s culture from the start, driving employees who are deeply connected to their work and to each other.

Thoughts from the top: “We try to create a fertile environment for people to find their own path,” says CEO Kevin Palmer.

Magic moment: Shortly after Matteo Ramos-Mucci, now director of operations, started at Annkissam, he came up with an idea to improve invoicing. He shared his thoughts with cofounder Mollie Murphy, and the modified invoices went out the next month. “The ability to have that freedom and responsibility is really cool,” says Ramos-Mucci.


Getting in the door: A willingness to work your way up is essential. The company hires almost exclusively entry-level employees, who then grow their careers internally. Even the chief executive started out as a business analyst.

Striking a balance: Annkissam takes the 40-hour week seriously. If an employee routinely puts in more hours than expected, managers will step in to figure out how to help get the job done and give an overworked colleague time for life outside the office.

In a word: Commitment

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