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Fisher Agencies: No. 1 on the list of Massachusetts’ small companies

At this Billerica-based insurer, employees prize the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of clients.

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Fisher Agencies sells life insurance, funeral coverage, and rent and mortgage protection policies. But for owner Laura Fisher, the company’s real business is giving people a little bit of security when things are at their worst. She says this mission also drives the agency’s 60 representatives.

Workers say they value this sense of purpose, as well as the agency’s dedication to help its representatives grow personally and professionally.

View from the top: “I’ve always appreciated how much they buy into our vision of making an impact in the lives of the people we sit with,” Fisher says.

Reason for being: Regional sales manager Michael Russo spends a lot of time with clients hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. And sometimes, in the midst of tragedy, preparation can supply a modicum of comfort. Russo will never forget the mother of a young man who called in tears shortly after her son died following a car accident. She was grieving her son, but also relieved that she had the money to cover his funeral expenses. “The family would never have been able to take care of it,” Russo says.

Career path: After studying journalism, then spending four years in the restaurant industry, Veronica Coval wanted a career with more potential for growth. She was struck during the interview process by the independence and opportunities Fisher Agencies offered. And her optimism was rewarded recently when, after just two years on the job, she was promoted to master general agent based on her performance, not on her seniority. “It all depends on my heart and my hard work,” she says. “The company encourages us to go out and be the best versions of ourselves.”


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