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Before becoming senior vice president of Allied Minds Inc., John Serafini served his country as a US Army infantry officer.

Five things you should know about John Serafini

Serafini is senior vice president at Allied Minds Inc., which commercializes technologies spawned at major universities and federal research labs.

Adam Neumann (center) of WeWork and his wife, Rebekah Neumann, chief brand officer, were interviewed by Fortune’s Andrew Nusca last week in Aspen, Colo.

scott kirsner | innovation economy

A lingering chill in the land of unicorns

It’s been a year since investors started doubting the billion-dollar valuations — and prospects — of some fast-growing private companies.

Johnny Lee, engineering director of Google Tango, talked about the room sensing features of the Phab2 Pro phone during the keynote address at Lenovo Tech World event in June.

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Augmented reality is just getting started

The augmented reality technology behind “Pokemon Go” is entertaining, but primitive.

A man walked through the EMC campus in Hopkinton.

EMC’s overseas cash draws questions from SEC

Regulators want to know how much EMC might pay in taxes if it has to tap into overseas cash to help pay for its Dell merger.

Chris Cox, chief product officer at Facebook, held a Mevo camera with integrated Facebook Live streaming during the Facebook F8 conference in San Francisco in April.

Facebook Live’s signal has never been stronger

For many social media fans, this was the week that Facebook Live got real.

Scott Kirsner | Innovation Economy

Watch out: The AI bulls are running again

The enthusiasm and funding for artificial intelligence companies in Boston and nationally have returned.

Thatcher Kezer, who oversees the former Fort Devens, says its streets are well suited to testing autonomous vehicles.

Without legislation, robotic cars can’t be tested on Mass. roads

A lack of testing of self-driving cars may hold back the state’s technology industry.

Scott Kirsner | innovation economy

I come to bury voice mail, not to praise it

Be honest: When was the last time you listened to your voice mail?

Internet giant Google made a curious move Wednesday when its Google Fiber unit bought a small company that provides high-speed Internet service in Boston and several other large US cities.

Could Google’s purchase of a wireless company boost Boston’s Internet?

The Internet giant bought a small company that provides high-speed Internet service in Boston and several other large US cities.

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Live from everywhere, it’s Facebook

Someday soon you’ll come home from a hard day’s work, flop down on the sofa, switch on the TV and watch a little Facebook.

Analogic settles European foreign bribery charges

The Peabody-based medical device maker Analogic Corp. agreed to pay nearly $15 million to settle a federal probe.

American Science and Engineering bought by OSI Systems for $269m

The Massachusetts maker of X-ray detection machines announced it was acquired for $269 million Tuesday morning by OSI Systems Inc.

A Microsoft logo is seen a day after Microsoft Corp's $26.2 billion purchase of LinkedIn Corp, in Los Angeles, California, U.S. June 14, 2016. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

hiawatha Bray | tech lab

With Windows 10 upgrade, Microsoft takes the low road

Microsoft really wants you to install Windows 10, and it’s using sneaky tricks to get you to do it.

Microsoft to buy networking site LinkedIn for $26.2b

The pairing may help LinkedIn realize the founders’ original ambition: to become an indispensable software tool professionals use every day.

CEO Jeffrey Immelt is leading GE’s transition away from the industrial.

General Electric focuses on tech in its talent hunt

GE says it wants to hire the software programmers and other digital talent who are the backbone of the innovation economy.

Jane Bergman, a delivery driver for Grubhub, left to deliver a meal from El Pelon Taqueria near Boston College.

Scott Kirsner | Innovation Economy

Food fight! Delivery apps in a battle for survival

It might seem like just ordering-in to you, but it’s a decision that can be life or death for delivery companies.

A collective that calls itself OurMine has boasted that it had broken into a handful of Mark Zuckerberg’s social media accounts.

If Mark Zuckerberg can be a hacking victim, so can you

There are several lessons to be learned, but chief among them is probably this: Quit using the same password for multiple websites.

A screenshot of the mobile game “Fast and Furious Legacy.” The game has an arcade-game experience with a story line that progresses as you race in different street drag events, outrun police cars, and so on.

App Smart

Games put auto racing action in the palm of your hand

While most of us will never get to drive a race car in real life, we can experience some of the drama through racing apps.

Gilad Rosenzweig is the founder of Smarter in the City, a Dudley Square startup accelerator.

scott kirsner | Innovation Economy

See how these Boston startup accelerators are promoting diversity

Accelerate Boston and Smarter in the City focus on finding and cultivating minority-founded companies. Inc. agreed to buy Burlington-based Demandware Inc., a provider of cloud-commerce services.

E-commerce entrepreneur scores again in Salesforce deal

The company paid a 56 percent premium to Demandware’s previous closing price.

Microsoft HoloLens used for an anatomy lesson. Tech Lab 6-2-16

Hiawatha Bray | tech lab

Microsoft device conjures a new reality

HoloLens melds virtual reality images with the real world. And it’s scary cool.


A guide to Snapchat for confused adults

Here are key principles for the new social media kid on the block.

Startup gets financing for real-time sports wagers via app

WinView said Tuesday that it had raised $3.4 million.

Iron Mountain in Hollywood, CA. on January 3, 2013. (Eric Grigorian for The Boston Globe)

Iron Mountain returns to cloud storage, with EMC as a partner

The company is using a former Pennsylvania mine to run an operation that pits it against big rivals like Amazon.

For Scott Kirsner column on display at Logan 5/29/16. A new display that was just installed at Logan Airport, on 400 years of innovation history in Massachusetts.

scott kirsner | Innovation economy

Testing your knowledge on 400 years of Mass. innovation

How much do you know about the state’s long history of breakthroughs?

Hiawatha Bray | tech lab

Is digital justice colorblind?

Problems may arise when we let statistics and computer algorithms do our thinking for us.

nuTonomy inches forward in the race to develop self-driving cars

The Cambridge- and Singapore-based startup said it’s raised $16 million to continue work on its autonomous vehicle technology.

Stephanie Couch is scheduled to take over in July.

Lemelson-MIT inventor program hires new director for expansion drive

Stephanie Couch will lead the foundation-funded program that hands out prizes to promising inventors.

A laboratory area at the Mass Innovation Labs.

Mass Innovation Labs targets smaller startups

The Cambridge operator of biotech research space is preparing to add six new “innovation suites” for smaller companies.

Newly minted local college graduates take part in the annual Toss Your Caps class photo Friday, May 8, 2015, on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Don’t get tongue-tied: This program knows how to pronounce names

The perennial graduation season problem led Praveen Shanbhag to create NameCoach, a program that provides audio tutorials.

Thanks to smartphones and tablets, US data use has doubled in a year.

Americans are using a whopping amount of data these days

We used nearly 1 trillion gigabytes of mobile data last year, more than double from the year before.

Uber will offer free rides to Big Brothers Big Sister volunteers in Massachusetts in a six-month pilot program.

Uber to offer free rides to Big Brothers Big Sisters volunteers

The pilot program will ferry volunteers to 50 children who live in Dorchester, Hyde Park, Mattapan, Roslindale, and Roxbury.

New England startups honored by venture capital group

Gene editing, satellite propulsion, and a way to search for car deals were just some of the innovations recognized at the fourth annual NEVY Awards.

Comcast chief executive Brian Roberts says the newly aggressive FCC is needlessly interfering in a cable TV market that’s already highly competitive.

Cable titans criticize new FCC rules

Comments from Comcast’s CEO and the former chairman of the FCC came Monday at the Internet & Television Expo in Boston.

Nift gift cards are shown.

Small businesses find Nift-y way of sending each other customers

Nift, a Cambridge-based startup, has raised $3 million in seed funding.

The iLet, a “bionic pancreas,” is being developed by Beta Bionics, run by Ed Damiano, a Boston University professor. A crowdfunding drive seeks nearly $1 million to fund the project. The company hopes to give diabetes patients and their families who invest a way to support a device that could help improve their lives, though backers of other projects may be more driven by a desire for profits.

Relaxed rules allow anyone to invest in online startups

“Equity crowdfunding” opens up more competition for the traditionally clubby world of early stage investing, but it comes with a risk.

Hoverboards were best-selling gifts during the 2015 Christmas season.

Segway pounces on hoverboard market

The Segway self-balancing scooter never became the red-hot consumer product its developers hoped for. But at least none have been blamed for a house fire.

Surge pricing helps put more Uber drivers on the road at times of peak demand.

Scott Kirsner | Innovation Economy

Hate surge pricing? It’s not all bad

From Uber to parking meters, charging more at times of high demand can be a good thing.

Facebook editors are told to choose stories that are getting major news coverage.

Hiawatha Bray | Tech Lab

Facebook leak suggests no systematic bias

Human judgment, not just software, plays a major role in choosing the news stories that appear on the social network.

A Facebook employee walked past a sign at the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif.

hiawatha bray | tech lab

When the Facebook trend is not our friend

A report suggesting that employees are secretly trying to change our opinions is an alarm ringing in the night.

Mike Festa used a 3-D device to move chess-like pieces that represent different furniture and place them where he wanted in a virtual space.

Scott Kirsner | Innovation Economy

Adding a level of reality to online shopping

Boston-based Wayfair is among retailers experimenting with virtual and augmented reality to highlight shoppers’ options.

Amazon boxes were stacked for delivery in Manhattan.

hiawatha bray | tech lab

When software doesn’t play fair

The controversy over Amazon same day delivery service skipping black neighborhoods shows how algorithms can generate biased outcomes.

A Formlabs 3-D printer was displayed at a recent Las Vegas convention.

Somerville 3-D startup buys Canadian firm

Vancouver-based Pinshape’s online community for 3-D printing fans attracts designers and engineers.

CloudHealth Technologies corrals another $20m from investors

The Boston startup, which helps companies manage cloud-dwelling data, has now raised $50 million since its 2013 launch.

Nicolas De Keijser of ABB watched a robot in action at the Boston robotics conference.

Boston conference showcases robots that can be team players

The machines can come out from behind their cages and work in human-robot teams on the factory floor.

The newly combined IT behemoth formed Dell Inc. and EMC Corp. merge will be known as Dell Technologies.

EMC’s new owner to be called Dell Technologies after merger

CEO Michael Dell stuck with his own surname for the new-ish corporate moniker that will represent the merger of Dell Inc. and EMC Corp.

Bipedal humanoid robot Atlas was presented during a news conference in Hong Kong in 2013.

Scott Kirsner | Innovation Economy

Robots company hopes to get back on its feet

Reports began surfacing last month that Google is looking to offload Boston Dynamics, the robot maker it acquired in 2013.

Harvard Business School looks to launch new crop of startups

The annual New Venture Competition will award $150,000 in prizes to promising startup founders.

A new app, LetsAllDoGood, lets nonprofits send push notifications to their supporters.

For nonprofits, LetsAllDoGood offers a little push

LetsAllDoGood is designed to let nonprofits send push notifications to their supporters, helping them get noticed in a sea of social media chatter.

Bedford-based iRobot is perhaps best known for its Roomba vacuum cleaners.

A proxy battle over the future of iRobot

The state’s premier robotics company is locked in a struggle with a Los Angeles hedge fund.