MIT database pioneer receives Turing prize

The computer science community regards the Turing Award, distributed by the Association for Computing Machinery, as the Nobel for the field.

Microsoft to require paid time off for big suppliers

Many Microsoft suppliers in the US will soon be required by the company to give their employees 15 days of paid time off.

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Ex-CIA operative Valerie Plame to be advisor for Boston-based firm

Plame, a former CIA covert operations officer, will serve on the advisory board of Boston-based Starling Trust Sciences.

Apple CEO Tim Cook plans to give away most of his fortune

After paying for the college education of his nephew, Cook says he will donate the rest of his money to philanthropic causes.

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Amazon’s Jeff Bezos once quietly advised iRobot

For several years starting in 2004, Bezos became a mentor to iRobot chief executive Colin Angle.

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