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Bitcoin’s holds above $20,000 after week of forced crypto selling

Realized losses on Bitcoin holdings reached a record $7.3 billion last week, a report found Monday.

Innovation economy

Lightening the load for warehouse workers

Somerville startup Verve Motion’s "exosuit" acts like extra muscle to make picking up heavy objects easier.

We’re in ‘crypto winter.’ Here’s what locals think about the future of the industry.

While the crypto market has been tanking, wiping out billions of dollars in wealth and causing tech and business leaders to question the industry’s future, major crypto players have remained optimistic — for now.

As crypto crashes, this Boston company’s ‘stablecoin’ holds steady

A digital currency created by Boston-based Circle Internet Financial has become a safe haven of sorts for investors scrambling to sell off their holdings in volatile cryptocurrencies.


Somerville startup brings the EV charger to you

SparkCharge created a smartphone app that will summon an electric van stocked with vehicle chargers.

Elon Musk aims to ease concerns in address to Twitter workers

The Tesla billionaire is due to meet with Twitter employees Thursday in an apparent effort to assuage concerns about his $44 billion deal to acquire the social platform.

App from local college grads aims to become the verb for ‘paying rent’

Boston entrepreneurs are debuting a new app this week called Rentdrop to digitize payments between renters and landlords.

Nearly 400 crashes of automated tech vehicles, US report finds

Automakers reported nearly 400 crashes of vehicles with partially automated driver-assist systems, including 273 involving Teslas, according to statistics released by US safety regulators on Wednesday.