Joshua Green

Joshua Green is a national correspondent for Bloomberg Businessweek and a weekly political columnist for the Boston Globe. He has also written for The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Rolling Stone, and other publications. Previously, he was an editor at The Washington Monthly. His writing has been anthologized in books ranging from The Best American Political Writing to The Bob Marley Reader.

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This year it was the Democrats who fell in line

By , Globe Columnist

Democrats maintained an uncharacteristic display of unity, even after the WikiLeaks e-mails proved that nearly every liberal suspicion about Clinton was true.

Why tonight’s dueling World Series ads favor Trump over Clinton

By , Bloomberg News

Anyone tuning into Game 7 of the Cubs-Indians World Series hoping for a respite from presidential politics isn’t going to find one.

Trump says he will meet with Mexico’s president on Wednesday

By Kevin Cirilli, Jennifer Jacobs, Eric Martin and , Bloomberg News

Donald Trump said he’s accepted invitation to visit Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, and looks “very much forward to meeting him.”


Cruz’s path to the presidency looks a lot like Trump’s

By ,

By hijacking the convention, Cruz has distinguished himself from the field of likely candidates for 2020.