Rubio puts Maine’s Poland Spring in the spotlight

Marco Rubio took a break during his remarks Tuesday.
Associated Press
Marco Rubio took a break during his remarks Tuesday.

Maine’s Poland Spring has been bottling water for more than 150 years, after wealthy New Yorkers began traveling northward to take the cure. But it’s never received an endorsement quite like the one it got on Tuesday, when the Republican wunderkind Marco Rubio made an oddly desperate lunge for refreshment in the middle of his rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union address. Was Rubio really unable to complete a short speech without guzzling some of Poland Spring’s finest? It was a Super Bowl commercial delivered for free.

Poland Spring’s good luck continued when Rubio, seeking to be a good sport, tweeted a photo of an empty Poland Spring bottle after the speech. Poland Spring responded with a funny image of the bottle resting before a giant dressing-room mirror, surrounding by glowing bulbs, with the line, “Reflecting on our cameo. What a night!”

A local kid made good? Perhaps, but Poland Spring water is now drawn from multiple sources and owned by the global conglomerate Nestle. Its plastic bottles are a frequent trigger for environmentalists’ anger. But Rubio, Florida’s junior senator, pushed all that aside. Folks in the Sunshine State appreciate the need for hydration, and those in the Pine Tree State have plenty to offer.