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    Scott Brown: A future etched in granite?

    What do Scott Brown (left) and Daniel Webster have in common?
    The Boston Globe
    What do Scott Brown (left) and Daniel Webster have in common?

    For those who regard New Hampshire as a refuge for over-taxed, disaffected Bay Staters, consider this: Former Senator Scott Brown might be open to another run for the US Senate — from New Hampshire. “I’m not going to rule out anything right now,” Brown said in Nashua recently. But he did point out that he owns a home in the Granite State, and has been a taxpayer there for 20 years.

    New Hampshire Democrats quickly put out a fund-raising pitch urging supporters to “tell Scott Brown to go back to Massachusetts,” and political scientist Andrew Smith, who heads the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, went so far as to tell the Globe that Brown’s Massachusetts roots would be “the biggest hurdle” to a successful run in New Hampshire.

    Few politicians can resist leveling the charge of “carpetbagger” at an opponent. Brown himself was only too happy to remind Massachusetts voters last year that his Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren was “not from here.” (Warren was raised in Oklahoma and moved to Massachusetts in the 1990s.) But a full quarter of the Granite State population was born in Massachusetts, and the two electorates have been interwoven for centuries.


    Indeed, Brown would be Massachusetts’s payback for a renowned New Hampshire lawyer named Daniel Webster who first moved to Boston in 1804 and later won further renown as a US Senator from Massachusetts. Whether in a frock coat or barn jacket, there’s opportunity on both ends of the Merrimack River.