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    What Boston’s public bikes tell us about the city

    A competition to visualize data from the Hubway system yields beautiful insights.

    Data visualization of Hubway traffic by clojura
    Data visualization of Hubway traffic by clojura

    Galaxy of rides

    It’s lovely, and it might tell us something: The “People’s Choice” among the various visualizations was this starburst by London software developer Latif Lokman. The dots represent every Hubway trip taken from the South Station bike stand (20,399); the distance from the center is the rider’s age, from 17 to 72; and the size of the dot represents trip length, the longest just under 3 hours. It appears there’s a sweet spot for epic journeys in early middle age—possibly because people have both the stamina for a long bike ride and the money to keep a rental out that long.

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