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Ideas | Heather Hopp-Bruce

The dark legacy of this dress

/Maya Alleruzzo/Associated Press

Thousands of Yazidi women have been killed, tortured, kidnapped, raped, and sold as sex slaves since the Islamic State attacked their homeland in Iraq in 2014.

This photo, taken on May 22, shows clothing worn by a Yazidi girl enslaved by Islamic State militants. It was collected by Bahzad Farhan Murad, a 28-year-old Yazidi, to document Islamic State group crimes. Murad is assembling evidence of the devastating attack on his community. He hopes his detailed files of more than 2,400 victims can assist in future criminal prosecution and preserve the historical record of the Islamic State’s massacre of up to 5,000 Yazidi men and enslavement of thousands of women. The United Nations now calls this a genocide.

Less than a month after this photo was taken, Islamic State members in Mosul put 19 Yazidi girls in an iron cage and burned them to death.