Uncommon Knowledge

Facing up to your politics

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan at a press conference on Capitol Hill. SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images/AFP

Cheating around the world

Lu, J. et al., “The Dark Side of Going Abroad: How Broad Foreign Experiences Increase Immoral Behavior,” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (January 2017).

School boards for white students

Flavin, P. & Hartney, M., “Racial Inequality in Democratic Accountability: Evidence from Retrospective Voting in Local Elections,” American Journal of Political Science (forthcoming).

The beautiful people are right

Berggren, N. et al., “The Right Look: Conservative Politicians Look Better and Voters Reward It,” Journal of Public Economics (forthcoming).

Don’t move, female politicians

Everitt, J. et al., “Candidate Gender, Behavioral Style, and Willingness to Vote: Support for Female Candidates Depends on Conformity to Gender Norms,” American Behavioral Scientist (December 2016).

Tough to face

Geniole, S. et al., “The Threat Premium in Economic Bargaining,” Evolution and Human Behavior (forthcoming).

Kevin Lewis is an Ideas columnist. He can be reached at kevin.lewis.ideas@gmail.com.

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