Same news, three ways: Sticklers for rules

Quincy, MA--2/23/2017 - The Wollaston MBTA station, along with the other three in Quincy, is set for a revamp. Photo by Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff Topic: sombta Reporter: Jill Terreri Ramos
Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

1. On Instagram, even artsy nudes are still nudes. The photo-sharing service has taken down three images, each featuring exposed human flesh, that the Museum of Fine Arts recently posted in an effort to promote a current exhibit. “I was stunned,” MFA photography curator Karen Haas told the Globe.

2. The MBTA will review which commuter rail stops should fall in zone 1A rather than zone 1, an outwardly arcane distinction that, in practice, means the difference between paying $2.25 or $6.25 for a ride to or from downtown Boston. Riders freaked out earlier this month when a new train schedule placed the new Boston Landing stop in pricey zone 1 — which the T later said was an error.

3. The state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission has accused the Fenway location of Target of charging customers too little for beer — $11.99 for a 15-pack of IPA that cost $14.25 at wholesale. An old state law forbids the sale of alcohol below cost.