Innovation of the Week: Freelance exorcisms


“The Exorcist” (1973).

By David Scharfenberg Globe Staff 

What is it? Freelance exorcisms

Innovators: French entrepreneurs


What were they thinking? If you’ve got ghosts in your apartment, or ghouls in your soul, you’re going to need an exorcism. Trouble is, if you live in France, it’s getting harder and harder to find a church-licensed exorcist priest. There are only about 100 left in the country, and many are not practicing. But have no fear. Or, rather, exorcise it: The BBC reports that a growing number of independent contractors are filling the void.

Does it work? There’s a freelancer for every kind of spirit-chasing. One exorcises farms. Another helps small businesses plagued by black magic. It’s not clear if they’re actually casting out the demons, but they sure are busy. One tells The Economist he’s working as many as 15 hours per day and clearing about $14,000 per month before taxes.

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