Same news, three ways: Gone fishin’

(adobe stock)

1. A pro-democracy activist in Hong Kong was sentenced to three weeks behind bars for throwing a tuna sandwich at the Chinese territory’s former administrator at a polling station last year. The sandwich missed its target but made collateral damage out of a senior police inspector’s uniform.

2. The United States has long claimed that Mexican tuna is fished in a way that means it shouldn’t labeled as“dolphin safe.” Mexico thinks American labeling rules are discriminatory, and has taken its case to the World Trade Organization. This past week, the agency sided with the United States.

3. A 400-pound tuna was found in the woods in Gloucester. Bonus: It was missing its head. NOAA investigators had to haul the giant carcass out of the woods with a tow truck. They won’t say how it got there in the first place.


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