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    Innovation of the Week: Skipping ahead to the good parts

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    What is it? An audiobook feature allowing you to skip to “the good parts” in romance novels

    Innovator: Audible

    What were they thinking? Plot. Character development. Who needs it? When you pick up a romance novel, you want to get right to the juicy bits. Enter Audible, the audio book company, with a new feature allowing readers to skip to the “good parts.” What are the “good parts?” Well, not everyone thinks like you. It’s the hot-and-heavy stuff, of course, but it also includes “first meetings” and “flirty banter,” according to a USA Today report.


    Does it work? Oh, it works. Audible says it uses machine learning to pick out the steamiest stuff, with computers scanning for certain keywords and phrases. But it also taps a team of editors to review the picks. Job satisfaction, one imagines, is quite high.