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    Innovation of the Week: Seedless avocados

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    What is it? Seedless avocados

    Innovator: British retailer Marks & Spencer

    What were they thinking? Early this year, the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons called attention to a new public health scourge in Great Britain: “avocado hand.” It seems a growing number of avocado toast aficionados are showing up in emergency rooms with knife wounds sustained while cutting around the large seed at the center of the fruit. Now, British retailer Marks & Spencer is intervening: stocking a little-known, cucumber-shaped, seedless version known as the “cocktail avocado.”


    Did it work? It’s a bit too early to collect casualty data. And in the end, there may not be much to collect. This farm-to-market public health initiative depends on the availability of a relatively rare food. Marks & Spencer, the Guardian reports, will only be selling cocktail avocados for the month of December.