Euphemism: ‘Hair cloud’

The scrunchie just got a rebrand.
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hair cloud (n.)

What do you call a little elastic band of fabric used for holding a ponytail? Since at least the late 1980s, most would call it a scrunchie, a word perfectly in line with the object’s look, if not its purpose. But the unassuming, old-school scrunchie has gotten a rebrand: one fashion designer has redubbed it “the hair cloud.”

Recently in the Los Angeles Times, writer Misty White Sidell described new scrunchies that cost — brace yourself — almost $200. Sidell says the new terminology is “to avoid the accessory’s negative retro connotations,” which were the basis of a famous “Sex and the City” episode. Danish designer and term coiner Line Sander Johansen said “hair cloud” is “based on the idea of them looking like silk clouds around the hair, when tied a bit effortless in a bundle.”