Forget food trucks. Head to a ‘collective’ for lunch

Joanne Rathe/Globe Staff

Gather, a restaurant and bar in Fort Point’s District Hall building.

By Mark Peters

col·lec·tive (n.): If you’re hungry in Minneapolis, forget food trucks and restaurants. Get thee to a collective. That’s the self-applied name for Graze Provisions & Libations, a proposed food hall.

According to a recent City Pages article, “collective” is what the Derived Development Group calls a building housing “several, local chef-driven concepts incorporated into the interior and a beverage dynamic equal to the uniqueness of the chefs themselves. The entire space will be vibrant and tell a story within and outside of its four walls. Casual, dining, alive — all words that describe the venue itself.” Writer Emily Cassel translated: “So. Food hall.”


Derived owning partner Chris Hunter told CoStar, “We call Graze a food and beverage collective because the intent is to bring together an exciting and innovative group of local purveyors that collectively create a unique community of like-minded people.”

“Food hall,” it seems, is just too mundane. “Collective” makes one think of communes or co-ops (which Graze won’t be) even if the food ends up being pricey (which it probably will). With the foodie-flattering, faux-inclusive allure of “collective,” you can charge more for those local purveyors and chef-driven concepts.