Men’s fashion expert Jeff Lahens, at Frank & Oak on Newbury Street, says it’s important for men to know what they are looking for.

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Men’s fashion expert Jeff Lahens, at Frank & Oak on Newbury Street, says it’s important for men to know what they are looking for.

Blazers, britches and button-holes: How to select the right men’s suit

A good suit is a loyal companion, accompanying a man through some of life’s most significant moments. Fashion guru Jeff Lahens offers his advice on how to find one. By Dugan Arnett

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Forget the mealy cafeteria Red Delicious and grocery store Granny — it’s autumn in New England. Here’s where to pick your own peck.

the tech nomad

// Virtual reality gets its own film festival and followers

In a dimly lighted space, filmmakers and tech geeks converged on the Kaleidoscope Virtual Reality Film Festival at Artists for Humanity in South Boston.

// The Cape’s cold shoulder season gives tourists anything but

The Cape is irresistible in October and November.

my favorite thing

// Leather lace-ups take her everywhere

The handmade gladiator sandals that Courtney Forrester bought in the historic Plaka neighborhood in Athens quickly became her go-to fashion accessories.

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The jarring juxtapositions of the bikini-clad and the fully clothed casts into high relief the state of France in 2015.


// Can we please stop pretending marijuana is harmless?

The truth is it can be dangerous, especially for young people.

New stacked seats could end reclining wars

French company Airbus has unveiled a new plan to stack passengers and possibly create more legroom.

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HUBweek coverage

HUBweek is a look at the latest and coolest art, science, and technology in the Boston area.

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A severely burned boy. His devoted caregiver. Their extraordinary journey.

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These crisp fall days require a stylish boot, one that can be worn both to Bastille Kitchen and the Rosebud. Try these on for size.

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Design New England

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A new floor plan and a fresh palette prove the stalwart post-and-beam, open concept design is still relevant.