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A proposal to build the ‘world’s tallest flagpole’ looms over a small community in Maine

What would become of this picturesque community five hours north of Boston if a powerful local family’s proposal to turn hundreds of acres of nearby wilderness into a billion-dollar patriotic theme park — complete with a 1,461-foot flagpole — moves ahead?

Tooth gems are sparking joy in Greater Boston

While the sparkling smile enhancers dulled in popularity post-Y2K, this refreshed trend — a professionally placed adornment on the tooth’s enamel — has returned by way of celebrity clientele and nostalgia.


She could have been ... my girlfriend in Canada

But she didn’t want to meet in person.

Style Watch

Remaking a kitchen originally inspired by a Vermont sugar shack

This Sherborn kitchen gets a remodel that highlights its architectural roots.

Five things we learned from Ben Affleck’s Hollywood Reporter interview

The Cambridge-raised actor recently sat down to discuss his upcoming movie, “Air,” his new role as a CEO of a production company, his family life, and everything in between.


Visiting Zermatt and the Mighty Matterhorn

It seems everyone in this charming town has a story about the Matterhorn, one of Europe’s most famous peaks.


Up to 30,000 people could lose Medicaid coverage, R.I. health officials say

The Medicaid renewal and eligibility determination will only affect health insurance coverage, but will not impact other benefits like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.


Why you should visit Alexandria, Va.

Huh. That’s what we thought when we first learned that Alexandria, Va., was voted one of Travel + Leisure’s Best Places to Travel in 2023, Travel + Leisure’s Best Cities in the US 2022, and Southern Living’s Best Cities on the Rise 2022. That’s some kudos for a smallish southern city. We needed to check it out.

Spring Travel

Looking for a gorgeous Greek island you can actually afford to visit?

Here’s one that offers beautiful beaches, fabulous food, and is easy on the wallet.


Is he behaving this way because of his recent divorce?

He reconnected ... and then didn’t.


College students will fix your gear, and D.C. gears up for cherry blossoms

Travel news you can use.

BU warns students about dangers of ‘BORGs’ ahead of St. Patrick’s Day parties

A 'BORG,' short for “blackout rage gallon,” is a mix of water, liquor, and caffeinated flavor enhancers in a plastic gallon container. The BU warning comes after nearly 50 students at UMass Amherst were hospitalized March 4 after an annual daylong party.


Bar Vlaha prepares to open in Brookline; Lehrhaus debuts outside Inman Square

Plus, Restaurant Week on the Seacoast and steak on Nantucket.

college basketball

‘Crying Northwestern Kid’ who became a meme during March Madness now attends Harvard

John Phillips was spotted courtside with his father, the ACC commissioner, last week.


Toasting New England terroir in all seasons

We confess that we used to consider New England wines as little more than novelties. Now we don’t mind having to drink our words.


Lyft charged me $150 for mud stains in a car. But I didn’t do it!

Debbie Kim is shocked to find a $150 charge from Lyft on her credit card. What did she do — and is there a way to undo it?