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    Romance Rumble III: Bogart is your leading man

    Love Letters writer Meredith Goldstein and Globe film critic Ty Burr chose their favorite leading men in iconic films for our 3d annual Romance Rumble. readers voted. The winning film will be shown at Theatre 1 at the Revere Hotel on Feb. 25.

    I thought I might have a chance at winning this year’s Romance Rumble. The topic was leading men and their iconic films, and my list was strong. Harrison Ford in “Witness” was bound to appeal to a certain demographic of online voters (the one that includes my mom). Robert Pattinson in “Twlight” would draw the younger demographic. Bill Murray would win over the comedy fans. And wouldn’t Ryan Gosling lure just about everyone?

    Apparently not. In the end, Globe film critic Ty Burr’s choice of Humphrey Bogart in “Casablanca” ran down the competition, beating out the aforementioned men, as well as Paul Newman, George Clooney, Daniel Day-Lewis, Daniel Craig, and Robert Downey Jr. Poor Pattinson and his hair didn’t have a chance.


    “Casablanca” also won the inaugural Romance Rumble in 2011, when the categorywas simply “Most Romantic Movie.” I should have known that the film’s romance hinged on Bogart, who embodies Ty’s definition of leading man: “The guy you want to be or the guy you want to be with . . . manly, not macho . . . witty instead of comical . . . confident without being cocky . . . vulnerable, but not too much.” Bogart is truly all of the above.

    Ty and I will host a screening of Romance Rumble champ “Casablanca” at the Revere Hotel’s Theatre 1 on Feb. 25. If you want to want to join us, RSVP at