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If a stroller costs $1,800, what else will that kind of money buy?


What, you thought she’d buy used from Craigslist? This spring, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, reportedly told a group of Army wives that she’d bought the soon-to-debut British royal a light blue Bugaboo Cameleon, and the Daily Mail pegged her top-of-the-line model at about $1,800. What other modes of transportation would that kind of money buy?

12 Consumer Reports top-rated InSTEP Safari strollers (about $150 each)

23 bikes (bought from
a department, discount, or chain store, where the
average price is $78)

25.7 months worth of
unlimited subway and bus travel on the MBTA with
the monthly LinkPass
($70 per month)

3.9 months of car payments on a new vehicle (average payment of $460)


.6 pairs of Christian Louboutin Daf Watersnake red sole platform bootie ($2,995, at Neiman Marcus)

Sources: Consumer Reports; MBTA.com; National Bicycle Dealers Association; Experian Automotive; Neiman Marcus.