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Tips for dads (and moms) returning to the workforce

Career experts Pattie Hunt Sinacole and Kathy Robinson offer tips for dads (or moms) reentering the workforce.

Don’t unplug

“There’s more pressure for men to stay current,” says Sinacole. Keep up to date, even if it’s just by checking social media during naptime, she says.

Read between the lines

“When an employer asks, ‘Why were you away?’ what they’re wondering is, ‘Are you willing to work hard?’ ” Robinson says. Don’t apologize or get defensive. Instead, showcase your accomplishments and work ethic.

Find at-home projects that sharpen your skills

Robinson recommends volunteering at a charity or offering to consult for a friend’s business, even for a few hours per week, to avoid resume gaps down the road.


Think beyond 9-5

“Parents are making more creative choices,” says Sinacole. “Starting businesses, freelancing, substituting — what I call a ‘patchwork career’ that offers flexibility for a sick kid or a doctor’s appointment.”

Remember your old cubemates

“They’re the best source of job leads. If you impressed your colleagues 10 years ago, they’ll be willing to network on your behalf today,” says Robinson.