the one thing

Stylish sweatshirts are a hit this fall

The fashion sweatshirt is a thing for fall, an unusual marriage of high and low fashion, of cozy and cool. Simple silhouettes in luxe fabrics, unexpectedly embellished with embroidery, feathers, or paillettes, or in-your-face graphics, are runway and retail hits. We adore this French-made stunner featuring a copper-colored bodice and heather gray knit sleeves. Worn solo, over a button down, or under a blazer on top, and paired with plaid pants, leather leggings, or an asymmetric skirt below, the look is the epitome of this season’s predilection for experimenting with prints and layers. “Flash-Starr” Lurex jacquard sweatshirt by Roseanna, $475 at French + Italian, 129 Washington St., Marblehead, 781-639-5129,