Favorite childhood memories growing up in Boston

There are a lot of reasons why I love Boston. And while winning the World Series is certainly near the top of that list, I’m reminded of so many amazing moments and places from growing up around this amazing city. As a North Shore kid, geographically speaking, I thought that just after Quincy was the Bourne Bridge and the Cape. Little did I know.

I did eventually expand my horizons and ventured far beyond Quincy but I still hold Boston close to my heart and it’s still my favorite place in the world. And as I asked my friends and family for their favorites, I was amazed at the responses. Here is a sampling:


Skating on the Frog Pond.

Driving back and forth over and over by Kelley’s down Revere Beach on a Saturday night.

Riding the Swan Boats with my sister and mother in the Boston Public Garden.

One of my favorite memories as a kid was when you first come out of the tunnel areas at Fenway and you’re so close to the field and players. My dad always took me in for my birthday!

Riding the Swan Boats in the Public Garden with my nana and cousins.

Celtics games at the old smoky Boston Garden, with the ceiling filled with smoke — vivid memories.

I loved when we drove under the Star Market on the Pike on our way into the city.

Fourth of July fireworks on the Charles!

Southie with my grandmother in the Old Harbor projects . . . then visiting my uncles at the Old Colony projects . . . AND Carson Beach, of course.

St. Patrick’s Day Parades in Southie . . . and the old movie theater on Broadway.

Taking the Orange Line into North Station for games at the old Boston Garden.

Thanksgiving day football games.

Driving over the Tobin Bridge into the city on our way to the circus.


Duck Boat parades!!!

The Prudential at night when they light up GO SOX or GO B’S or GO PATS or GO C’s.

The old John Hancock’s beacon with colored lights indicating rain or snow or clear skies ahead.

The elevated Central Artery (Interstate 93) that snaked through the city.

The Hilltop cows and cactus.

Augustine’s restaurant dinners on Route 1 with my grandmother.

The Topsfield Fair with my first real girlfriend and then at Halloween, Scream in the Dark!

The Boston Garden from the ’80s — and no AC! Made for steamy June playoff basketball between the Celtics and Lakers. 1986 — the Celtics’ championship parade!

Pi Alley movie theater on Washington Street downtown. Scary to think what went on in there!

Buzzy’s roast beef after the bars closed.

Bruins at the Garden. That building smelled like . . . well, let’s call it “hockey.”

The drive-in movie theaters in Revere and Medford.

Concerts at the Hatch Shell with my Dad.

Rollerblading at Roller World in Saugus.

Hanging out with the basketball team after a big game at Prince Pizza.

The Falmouth road race.

Hanging out at Strawberries in Downtown Crossing.

My first concert at the Orpheum.

Walking my first dog at the Salem Willows!

Concerts at the Rat, Narcissus, the Paradise, the Channel, Toad, Johnny D’s, Scullers, and TT’s.



Truth be told, there’s an endless array of places and events that make up our collective childhoods and the place we love to call home. So as we celebrate another magical win by the Red Sox, remember where we come from.


What memories do you have that have made our city such an amazing place to grow up?

Kip Durney is a freelance writer who writes the Tubalub blog for