Fashion Week reporting isn’t always pretty

Mireya Acierto/Getty Images

NEW YORK – Those high-heel-wearing, gazelle-like women darting about Manhattan during New York Fashion Week certainly look like they’re an important editor or buyer. The fabulous photos are endless. With shoes so funky and trousers so shiny, how could they not be a style czar of some sort? Well, some of them are. But quite a few are not.

Many of the men and women photographed outside of fashion shows never set foot inside. They dress up in their most resplendent, or their kookiest, outfits and then pose outside venues for the cameras. The goal here is to wind up on somebody’s blog or Japanese fashion magazine. The grand prize, of course, is getting photographed by the legendary Bill Cunningham and winding up in the New York Times.

After 16 seasons of covering New York Fashion Week, I’ve learned that those reporting from the front lines eventually give up on looking chic. You might put on a fancy Barneys sweater and a new pair of scarlet skinny jeans, but if you’re not a celebrity or an editor with a car service, you emerge from the subway and run into a show with a nasty case of hat head, dark circles under your eyes, and a runny nose. Trust me, no one wants to take my picture.


Even Thursday’s snowstorm did not stop these camera-loving ladies (and men) from slipping on their most eye-catching looks. And frankly, it’s good these always-fashionable folks exist, whether inside or outside the shows. Otherwise, the world would quickly see that fashion isn’t always pretty.

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