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    spectators’ guide

    11 great places to watch the Boston Marathon

    See how much Boston Marathon knowledge you hold.
    • When the Boston Marathon debuted in 1897, where was the starting line located?

    • What is the qualifying time for men 80 years old and over?

    • How many marathons has Bill Rogers won in his career?

    • Who was the last American man to win the Boston Marathon?

    • What weather condition created unusually slow finish times and nearly resulted in the cancellation of the 2007 Boston Marathon?

    • Which celebrity did not run the Boston Marathon?

    • Since 1991, every men’s winner — except one — has been from either Kenya or Ethiopia. What country produced that one exception?

    • Who was the first (unregistered) woman to complete the Boston Marathon in 1966?

    • What year did the first officially registered women compete?

    • What is the official name of the Boston Marathon?

    • What was the first year that the Marathon awarded a cash prize?

    Credit: Christopher Muther, Dan Schultz, Jesse Nunes, Alexa McMahon/Globe Staff