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My Instagram: Lauren Wells

Boston-based event designer and stylist Lauren Wells, 28, is always the life of the party. Even when there isn't one to attend. The Sharon native's Instagram feed (@laurenswells

) is full of everyday celebrations, surprise delights, and secret locations you definitely want to be invited to.

Q. You're already a creative person, but do you think Instagram has affected your career path at all?

A. Absolutely. Instagram is pretty ideal for anyone in the industry, especially event designers and prop stylists such as myself. Not only is it the perfect way to share styled photos, but it's introduced me to so many other talented, like-minded individuals all over the world — and thanks to these connections, I've made new friendships and professional relationships.


Q. I like to think of Instagrammers as art directors-in-training: agree or disagree?

A. I completely agree. It is such a source of inspiration, and it is so amazing to see how different people view and capture the exact same thing in so many different ways. Flowers, ice cream cones, or even lunch with friends — the Instagrammers I follow use each opportunity to style and direct the photo to their own creative taste. It's an outlet where you can showcase who you are, and really grow a strong brand.

Q. What makes for good photo composition?

A. I'd like to say simplicity, but then I would probably find my past 20 photos not adhering to my own rule. [Laughs] I think the viewpoint is really important, and sets the tone. Straight down, at ground level, up close or really far away. There are so many ways to view each photo, and it really applies to what you are looking at. Cropping the photo can really change the feel, as can adding in some unique angles or rotating it a bit as well. I love symmetry in other people's photos, although I find that mine tend to err more on the wild side. But yes, symmetry is a good one.


Q. How do you capture a regular moment and make it look special?

A. I think the regular moments look special because to me, they really are. With the exception of the event design and styled shots, my feed is really just my life, and what makes me smile. More often than not, these moments include my husband, anything outdoors, or exploring new places. I think if something feels really special, that feeling is captured in the photo, and it comes across to those who see it. That, or it's just really good natural light.

Q. How would you describe your fashion style? Where do you shop?

A. I love to shop. I think my everyday style is classic and comfortable, with pops of color. And then there are the days I fully embrace my inner flower child. I wear dresses more often than not, but I also love jeans and a sweater. Anything cozy and huggable.

Q. Do you have a go-to party outfit?

A. Dress. I absolutely adore dresses. High heels, something sparkly — and confetti in my purse.

A sample of Wells' Instagram:

Interview was edited and condensed. Rachel Raczka can be reached at rachel.raczka@globe.com. Follow her on Twitter @rachelraczka.