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    Bird sightings

    Recent bird sightings as reported to the Massachusetts Audubon Society:

    Once again the avian excitement this week revolved around seabirds and shorebirds. This is near the peak of shorebird migration after all.

    Rockport: A sea watcher at Andrew’s Point on Wednesday counted 120 Cory’s shearwaters, 760 great shearwaters, nine sooty shearwaters, 40 manx shearwaters, 11 Wilson’s storm-petrels, 910 northern gannets, nine red-necked phalaropes, a long-tailed jaeger, an Atlantic puffin, a little gull, and 16 laughing gulls.

    Provincetown: On Sunday, in 90 minutes of seawatching from Race Point Beach, there were 1,200 Cory’s shearwaters, 38 great shearwaters, 35 sooty shearwaters, 20 manx shearwaters, nine northern gannets, a pomarine jaeger, and three parasitic jaegers.

    Westport: Observers found 24 whimbrels, 28 willets (including four western willets), 1,500 sanderlings, at least 70 semipalmated sandpipers, seven least sandpipers, 24 semipalmated plovers, four piping plovers, and eight black-bellied plovers.

    Plum Island: At Sandy Point State Reservation, there were 25 black-bellied plovers, 275 semipalmated plovers, eight sanderlings, a white-rumped sandpiper, 250 semipalmated sandpipers, 10 short-billed dowitchers, and 30 least terns. At the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, a least bittern was reported along with two northern harriers, 37 great egrets, and nine snowy egrets.

    Chatham: At Morris Island, there were 19 species of shorebirds including a marbled godwit, a pectoral sandpiper, 43 red knots, and a western willet. In Chatham Harbor, there were 55 common eiders, a white-winged scoter, six northern bobwhite, 21 American oystercatchers, 350 black-bellied plovers, 75 semipalmated plovers, three Piping Plovers, three spotted sandpipers, 20 greater yellowlegs, three lesser yellowlegs, 40 willets, three Hudsonian godwits, 48 ruddy turnstones, 16 red knots, 45 sanderlings, 28 least sandpipers, six white-rumped sandpipers, 1,800 semipalmated sandpipers, and 2,000 short-billed dowitchers.