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My Morning Cup

Governor Michael Dukakis

My Morning Cup features the coffee rituals that most of us have. People from all walks of life — from US senators to ballplayers, subway drivers to college professors — have submitted entries that will run each day.

Michael Dukakis, 80


Former governor

Describe your coffee routine. Where do you frequent? What do you like?

I make my own coffee with Costco Colombian (the best there is) for 3 cents a cup. I never buy a cup anywhere, and I wouldn’t be caught dead paying two or three bucks for one. I usually drink it iced in the summer, but that just means just pouring it into a glass full of ice and giving it a good shot of milk. (Still 3 cents a glass.) Kitty says I am the cheapest guy in America. I think that is somewhat extreme, but you can’t be the son of Greek immigrants and not be frugal.

How do you make it?


I make it in a Mr. Coffee coffee maker in the evening programmed to start at 4:30 a.m. I buy the large canister at Costco. We go through it in about three weeks.

How do you take it?

Milk and sugar.

Any simultaneous noncaffeinated stimulation? (newspaper, radio, cigarettes, etc.)

I drink it reading the Globe and NY Times.

How many more cups the rest of the day? What time will you drink your last cup?

I usually have a second cup after I get to Northeastern in the morning. I may have a third as a picker upper before I teach my graduate classes, which start at 5 p.m.

What’s your stance on decaf?

I never drink decaf.

When did you start drinking coffee?

I started drinking coffee in college.

What’s the most memorable cup of coffee you’ve ever had?

Can’t remember a “memorable” cup of coffee. I like it, but I can’t compare a cup of coffee with winning the governorship or losing the presidency.


To submit your own My Morning Cup entry, email Matt Viser at matt.viser@globe.com.