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Native New Yorker Kate Bowler (@domestikateblog), 29, is one of the most colorful Instagram feeds I’ve come across in a long time. While many design-focused users go for muted tones and crisp white backdrops, the Somerville resident is pumping out confetti and cupcakes like a nonstop party-planning machine. It’s no surprise that Bowler, who works in marketing by day and is a stylist and blogger at DomestiKated Life by night, is a sought-after fiesta companion.

Q. Your user name is a play on words. What does the idea of being “domesticated” mean for you?

A. I think when people hear the word “domestic” they get this vision of Betty Draper in their head, and sure, I love my dirty martinis, but the name for me really came out of starting my blog when for the first time I was building this adult life for myself in the city. I suddenly cared about making my apartment look like a home, and I cared about learning how to cook great meals for my friends. Domesticated to me has always really been about the learning process of how to build a life that resembled the aesthetics I aspired to.

Q. You always seem to be planning for a party or an adventure. How do you stay on top of your schedule?


A. I keep a digital calendar on my
iPhone, but the truth is, I’m an old-fashioned list-maker. To manage my blog content and styling projects, my work with Boston Bloggers, and my career in social media marketing, it takes a lot of juggling to ensure everything gets the attention it needs. I start every week with a long to-do list outlining the week’s projects ahead. If I can visually see how things are going to map out over the course of the week, I always feel more confident about how it’s all going to get done.


Q. How do you keep creatively inspired?

A. I come from a long line of magazine hoarders, a trait that my mother passed down to me. And as much as I’m a digital girl, there’s nothing like the crisp pages of a great food or design magazine.

Q. So what makes for a good party?

A. I firmly believe that the most important thing you need for a great party is a great host. If you, as the host, are enjoying yourself and the party, your guests will feed off that energy and enjoy themselves too. And a little champagne always helps.

Q. What’s an easy way to make a party more festive?

A. A little attention to detail can go a long way. They don’t have to be extravagant or expensive additions, just putting some thought into compiling a great playlist, adding a printed menu to the table for a dinner, or creating a signature drink for a cocktail party can really up the festiveness of an event.


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Q. What are some under-celebrated life moments?

A. You made it through Monday? Congratulations, that is reason enough for me to pop some bubbly. An old friend is in town? Sounds like the perfect excuse to host a fiesta dinner with margaritas. I think one of the things that draws me to entertaining is that those are the things that we hold onto as memories in the long run. Why not pour a little extra effort into these everyday moments and celebrate more often?



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