Glow Yoga

Fridays and Saturdays, 8:45-10 p.m. $10. Acorn Yoga Studio,
576 Washington St., Brighton. 617-208-8201. www.acornyoga.org

The deal: Throw away any old notions you have about yoga, and trade in deep breathing for fast-paced, bumping techno beats: Acorn Yoga Studio’s Glow Yoga classes are a new take on an ancient art. “We wanted to provide a unique alternative to the late-night weekend scene,” said founder and owner of Acorn Yoga Stefan Kalin. “Instead of going out, drinking alcohol, and putting greasy food into your body, we want to bring people in for a healthy and equally fun alternative.” Combining classic yoga moves with high-intensity cardio and dance, instructors help you to sweat as much as you stretch — but with black lights, glow sticks, and energetic beats, it’ll be a 75-minute party that might make you forget that you’re working out.

The music: Acorn Yoga has filled a playlist with remixed pop hits and the newest EDM music to get you pumped. “The class is very music-driven, and our instructors have experience in making routines that keep pace with the music,” Kalin said.


The crowd: Don’t be afraid to try something new, because there’s a good chance you’ll find beginners just like you, as well as a seasoned expert you can ask for advice. “We’ve had mainly beginners curious about what Glow Yoga is come to our classes so far, and our instructors are good about accommodating every skill level,” Kalin said.

The dress: Before the class starts and the lights go down, patrons are encouraged to decorate themselves with body paint and glow sticks. “We’ve got a washable non-toxic glow paint, and the people who get there early tend to paint each other. It’s something that adds to the effect to make it feel like a party, and it’s also a great way to make some friends before the class starts.” To make it even more of a party scene, dress in fluorescent colors to reflect the studio’s black lights.


The drink: Bring your water bottle! This isn’t the yoga class you’re used to, and you’re going to want to stay hydrated to keep up with the fun.

The tip: Don’t let a lack of experience or a lack of yoga supplies steer you away. If you don’t have a mat, don’t worry! The Acorn Yoga Studio provides mats free of charge.

Kelly Danckert