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My workout

George Regan, 63, public relations executive

Julia Cumes for the Boston Globe


How often do you work out?

I work out every day, to preserve my sanity, and belong to four different gyms: the Boston Harbor Hotel, Seaport Hotel, Willowbend [Country Club] in Mashpee, and Golds Gym. I also have a small gym at my house.

What do you typically do, and when?

At my house, I do a half hour on the treadmill and a half hour on the bicycle, plus free weights. I get up around 5:30 a.m. and do my thing for an hour and a half. I like to start before the chaos begins.


You also go to a gym?

It’s a combination of both. If there’s a disaster with a client, I’ll head straight to the office and maybe get to the gym by mid-morning. I don’t miss a day, though. I also play tennis and do as much sailing as I can.

How long have you maintained a fitness regimen?

Ever since I worked for [former mayor] Kevin White. I’ve become more fanatical about it, though, because there’s more stress these days. I should move into a gym.

The downtown crowd once thrived on power breakfasts and martini lunches, not power yoga and pilates classes. What
behavioral changes have you noticed?

There’s still some of that, but not as much. All the gyms I go to are packed in the morning. People are really getting healthier, I think.

Did you play sports as a kid?

Yes, and I loved it, too, although I knew I was never going to be a professional at it. I broke so many bones playing sports, I’ve had every part of my body X-rayed.


Any lingering injuries?

No. But I’ll probably leave the gym one day and get hit by a car.