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Dining decor: Row 34 in Fort Point

Morgan Yeager

WHERE Row 34

WHAT A light fixture in the Fort Point restaurant modeled after Bubba, a beloved oyster-sorting machine.

WHOSE IDEA Bubba the oyster sorter lives at the Island Creek Oyster Farm in Duxbury. Architects Bentel & Bentel suggested re-creating it in light form at Row 34. Norwood’s Mystic Millwork built the 23-by-10 galvanized steel fixture, which just might call to mind a sleeker version of the game Connect Four. It has a cross-section of 40 sorting tubes, each with its own light bulb. You’ll find it in the restaurant’s Cooler Room, not immediately visible from the entrance. “It’s spectacular, the way the light bounces off the sheen of the subway-tile walls, welcoming you into the room,” says general manager Jillian Rocco. “It’s my favorite space in the restaurant. There’s this luminous, alluring feeling. Each time my parents visit, they always sit nearby.” Row 34, 383 Congress St., Fort Point, Boston, 617-553-5900, KARA BASKIN