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Donald Trump spoke provocatively about women on Howard Stern show

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took pictures with supporters during a rally on Feb. 23.Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP

Donald Trump has a history of jumping right into provocative conversations with Howard Stern on Stern’s often controversial radio show.

What has been a frequent topic of conversation between the mogul and host? Women.

BuzzFeed has rounded up audio of Trump speaking out about various women through the years — and he’s not shy.

The audio obtained by BuzzFeed is from Stern’s FM years before “The Howard Stern Show” moved to SiriusXM, and the content is standard Stern subject matter. With Trump at the center, there’s a lot of talk about sex, the women Trump has and hasn’t had sex with, those he would and would not have sex with, and the women Trump considered sexy — or disgusting.


In one clip, Trump commented on his top 10 list of who he’d like to have sex with; the circumstances surrounding Princess Diana’s death and how he would have had sex with her if given the chance; and how he doesn’t mind having children, but shouldn’t be expected to take care of them other than financially; and that he doesn’t know what overalls are. He also ranked all the actresses on “Desperate Housewives,” giving Eva Longoria a seven.

“Oh she’s really cute,” said Trump, “I have to tell you, she’s really bouncy; she’s really cute. She’s about five-foot-one. You like girls that are five-foot-one, they come up to you-know-where.”

The presidential candidate most recently called in to chat with the shock jock program last summer, but was on the show most often in the 1990s and early 2000s before the show left the FM dial.

This isn’t the first time Trump’s Stern appearances have come up. CNN previously wrote about Trump’s conversations with Stern that follow the same storyline. For instance, according to CNN, Trump shared unfavorable opinions on Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez’s backsides, said he can’t believe Arnold Schwarzenegger had an affair with a cleaning woman, and mentioned that he watched Paris Hilton’s sex tape.


Listen to audio obtained by BuzzFeed of Trump talking with Stern: